Sheet metal contractor by TA Marsh Roofing

TA Marsh Roofing is a general contractor that specializes in roofing. We are a roofing company which have been gaining experience in sheet metal contractor’s work for more than 36 years. You can contact us for any commercial or residential roofing project you need. We are leading roofing contractors in the area of San Diego, CA.

Sheet MetalWe at TA Marsh Roofing use the latest installation tools and a large range of metal fabrications to complete our  projects. We work only with well known and reliable suppliers of structural components which guarantees the success of our projects. Our roofing contractors will provide you and your roof with the best quality service you can find throughout the area of San Diego, CA. We are a general contractor, who can exceed your expectations.

Galvanized steel sheets have been around for awhile now. Early pioneers used them as a standard roof cover for their houses and barns. They were preferred because of their waterproof and pest resistant qualities. Later clay roof tiles and wood roofs became more popular than sheet metal roofs.

We at TA Marsh Roofing strive to keep the positive name of sheet metal roofing alive. We have been promoting its use and championing its usefulness in San Diego, CA since we started in business, 36 years ago. Sheet metal is the most long lasting material used for commercial and residential roofing today.  It is very important to be installed properly by a professional and experienced sheet metal contractor. We, at TA Marsh Roofing, are insured and certified installers of sheet metal roofs. Contact TA Marsh Roofing to get your personal information and free estimate. On (619) 669-1600, you can learn more about our special offers!