How to Maintain a Tile Roof in San Diego CA

A Roofing Contractors 5 Tips for Tile Maintenance

In order to minimize the need for roof repairs, it is essential to perform tile maintenance. Here are some useful tips on how to maintain your roofing tiles.

Regular inspection is needed. Generally tiles are very durable, but still they need regular inspection, for cracked or chipped tiles. If you notice a damaged section, it needs to be replaced immediately. Following these easy tips, provided by experts, will ensure a longer lasting roof.

  • Experts recommend you wash your roof at least twice annually. That is in order to eliminate the moss or mildew that can grow on some areas. To do so, you can use a pressure washer. The parameters need to be a pressure of 1,200 psi and a spray distance of about 2 feet. Set the spray strength not to strong.
  • After your roof has been washed and is dry, you can undertake some additional steps to protect the surface. Sometimes, tiles produce efflorescence, which is a chalky deposit on the surface. It is caused by a chemical reaction in the concrete by the environment. This efflorescence affects the surface of the tiles by changing their structural integrity. There is a good substance that you can use, in order to provide your tiles with a protecting layer. That is alkyd primer, a protective sheen that reflects the sun’s rays, and keeps your home cooler.
  • A professional roofer will advise you to used a heavy-duty acrylic paint, in order to provide this durable, water-proof appearance of the roof. In order to avoid painting other parts of the structure, it is a good idea to use spray for the job.
  • roofing contractorCracked, broken or chipped tiles need to be inspected and replaced immediately. To replace a tile, you need to slide a flat bar under the 2 tiles. Place one more flat bar under the tile, which is located on the left side of the damaged one. Pry the bars upward, and be careful. Now remove the broken tile, and before you put a new one, make sure you have replaced the roofing underlayment.
  • Move carefully when you walk on your tile roof. Periodical maintenance is important, such as cleaning or repairing, but keep in mind that tiles are fragile. The best way to move, while walking on the tiles, is to use wider steps than your usual foot step. This way, it prevents too much weight in one place. Another good way, executed by experts, is placing plywood walkways, treated with foam backs. Try to avoid walking along delicate edges of tile.

If you want to make sure your roof is maintained properly for a longer length of time, you might want to call a professional roofing contractor. TA Marsh Roofing is an expertise roofing company, serving San Diego, CA areas.