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Everything You Need to Know about Metal Roofing Installation

How a Professional Roofer Installs a Metal Roof

The metal roof is one of the most practical roofing options used in modern construction. More durable than asphalt shingles and a lot cheaper than tile and slate, metal roofing has many advantages and very few drawbacks. Unlike the old metal roofs, today’s installations are far less prone to rust and are quiet when it rains. However, much of a metal roof’s durability and longevity hinges on how well the roof is installed in the first place. Here is where your roofing contractor comes into play.

Elevated view of the exterior of a glass encased roomA recent study has shown that metal roofs have a life expectancy of about eighty years. This is almost twice longer than the lifespan of a shingle roof for example. Yes, the metal roof installation process may be a bit more expensive, but you’ll definitely recover your investment in time.

Installing a metal roof is quite a challenging task. There re numerous factors that need to be considered and each of them can influence the final result. Additionally, working with metal sheets is also very dangerous. Your roofer must take additional safety measures before installing a metal roof.

Metal roofs can be installed over existing roofing materials. However, your roofing contractor must make sure that the roof beneath is in good condition. If the roof’s wooden structure is damaged, then you must fix it before you install metal sheets over it. Keep in mind that repairing or replacing metal sheets is a lot harder than repairing or replacing shingles. So, you should make sure your metal roof won’t need any additional repair once installed.

Just like other types of roofs, metal roofing systems are composed of a wooden frame, underlayment material, and metal sheets. The metal sheets are basically joined together on the spot to form the roofing. The slightest mistake during this process can lead to leaks and problems later on.

For the best metal roofing installation, hire TA Marsh Roofing. Our roofing company is fully licensed and insured and has been in business for many years. Call us at (619) 669-1600 if you reside in San Diego, CA.

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Does Your Roof Need to Be Replaced?

5 Signs You Have to Call a Roofing Company

Is it time to have your roof replaced? If you are not sure, roofing contractors recommend that you look for the following signs that your roof needs to be replaced.

Roof Deck Sagging: You should inspect your roof at least twice a year. If, during the inspection, you find out that certain portions of the roof deck are sagging, this means you have to replace your roof soon. A sagging roof deck is caused by the settling of materials over time.

Dark Patches: If you find dark patches on your roof, this is a sign that you should call a roofing company to replace your roof as soon as possible. Such patches mean water damage and shingle deterioration, which can lead to leaks or a full-blown hole.

Leaks: A roof leak on the interior of your house isn’t hard to locate when it is raining outside – just follow the water. You can have roof leaks patched, and this will extend the life of your roof. However, if leaks happen frequently, it is very probable that you will need to re-roof soon.

roofersMissing Shingles: When only individual shingles are missing here and there, this is not a sign of a problem yet. However, when entire clusters of shingles go missing, this is the beginning of potentially damaging situations. Where shingles are missing, water can seep through and even pool. When that happens, you will definitely have to start looking for a re-roofing expert.

Granules in the Gutter: Watch what’s in your gutters. Do you find just specks of seed and other natural items in your gutters or shingle granules? These granules look like sand, and, if there are lots of them collecting in your gutters, this means your shingles are worn out. A re-roofing job can change that.

If your roof shows any of these symptoms, or all of them at once, it is time to call the roofing contractors. If you are in San Diego, CA or any of the surrounding areas, consider using the services of TA Marsh Roofing. We are a roofing company with over 36 years of experience.

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How to Maintain a Tile Roof in San Diego CA

A Roofing Contractors 5 Tips for Tile Maintenance

In order to minimize the need for roof repairs, it is essential to perform tile maintenance. Here are some useful tips on how to maintain your roofing tiles.

Regular inspection is needed. Generally tiles are very durable, but still they need regular inspection, for cracked or chipped tiles. If you notice a damaged section, it needs to be replaced immediately. Following these easy tips, provided by experts, will ensure a longer lasting roof.

  • Experts recommend you wash your roof at least twice annually. That is in order to eliminate the moss or mildew that can grow on some areas. To do so, you can use a pressure washer. The parameters need to be a pressure of 1,200 psi and a spray distance of about 2 feet. Set the spray strength not to strong.
  • After your roof has been washed and is dry, you can undertake some additional steps to protect the surface. Sometimes, tiles produce efflorescence, which is a chalky deposit on the surface. It is caused by a chemical reaction in the concrete by the environment. This efflorescence affects the surface of the tiles by changing their structural integrity. There is a good substance that you can use, in order to provide your tiles with a protecting layer. That is alkyd primer, a protective sheen that reflects the sun’s rays, and keeps your home cooler.
  • A professional roofer will advise you to used a heavy-duty acrylic paint, in order to provide this durable, water-proof appearance of the roof. In order to avoid painting other parts of the structure, it is a good idea to use spray for the job.
  • roofing contractorCracked, broken or chipped tiles need to be inspected and replaced immediately. To replace a tile, you need to slide a flat bar under the 2 tiles. Place one more flat bar under the tile, which is located on the left side of the damaged one. Pry the bars upward, and be careful. Now remove the broken tile, and before you put a new one, make sure you have replaced the roofing underlayment.
  • Move carefully when you walk on your tile roof. Periodical maintenance is important, such as cleaning or repairing, but keep in mind that tiles are fragile. The best way to move, while walking on the tiles, is to use wider steps than your usual foot step. This way, it prevents too much weight in one place. Another good way, executed by experts, is placing plywood walkways, treated with foam backs. Try to avoid walking along delicate edges of tile.

If you want to make sure your roof is maintained properly for a longer length of time, you might want to call a professional roofing contractor. TA Marsh Roofing is an expertise roofing company, serving San Diego, CA areas.

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Common Roofing Problems.

When to Hire a Reliable Roofing Company.

Unforeseen or obvious, roof problems are always a pain, and undoubtedly, a significant expense. TA Marsh Roofing is one of the best roofing contractors in San Diego, CA, and they have examined which issues are most common as well as the conditions that can either cause or be the result of, reduced service life and premature failure of roof systems.

Moisture and Roof Leaks.
If you have a roof leak, then you have a major problem. Most roof leaks occur at flashing details, so there is where you should focus your attention. The faster you find and fix the problem, the lower the costs are. When it comes to hot bituminous roofs, most problems appear due to improper installation or when moisture barriers are not installed underneath the coping cap on the parapet wall.

Roof repairs are not a job for amateurs.Shrinkage.
Another common problem, especially for single-ply roofs, is shrinkage. There are a few signs to look for when inspecting your roof for shrinkage. The most common problems are cracking of the membrane and pulling of the flashing. If you notice any of these signs, you better call a roofing company and have them fix the issue.

Poor Installation.
Installing a roof is not an easy job, and definitely not suitable for inexperienced people. Poor workmanship is the main cause of roofing problems. If the workers are not knowledgeable and experienced in building the type of roof you require, then you should not hire them. It’s very important to do research before hiring a roofing company, or you will regret it later on.

Lack of Maintenance.
There are many reasons not to neglect your roof – including financial reasons. You don’t have to know a lot about roofing in order to understand when it needs maintenance. Things like pitch pockets that haven’t been filled, a piece of slipped base flashing or ponding water, should be obvious, whether you know a lot about roofing or not.

However, hiring reliable roofing contractors to properly inspect and fix your roofing problems is still the best way to ensure a long and trouble free roofing life. Call (619) 669-1600 and have the best roofing company in San Diego, CA at your disposal.

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Benefits of Sheet Metal Roofing in San Diego CA.

Why so Many Homeowners Choose Sheet Metal Roofing.

Tighter budgets have pushed homeowners into looking for alternatives to classic asphalt shingle roofing, and the best one they found is metal roofing. A roof made of sheet metal requires fewer repairs and lasts longer, thus expanding the period between replacements. Furthermore, it’s easier to install, and due to the latest developments in the metal roofing industry, it can make a home much more attractive.

One of the biggest advantages of metal roofs is that they can be installed on all sorts of new buildings, regardless of the size, shape or any other architectural element. However, if you have a roof already (other than metal sheet), you can opt for a conversion, as metal roofs can replace any type of roofing system you may have.

Sheet MetalLongevity is another great benefit of metal roofing. Recent studies have shown that basic galvanized steel sheet metal roofs last more than forty years without repairs. Current galvanic protection techniques and coatings allow sheet metal panels to last even longer. As any home or business owner knows, combining lower maintenance costs with more durable construction materials makes good business sense.

Sheet metal panels designed with insulation and coated with reflective surfaces can provide considerable savings for cooling and heating. Furthermore, the latest sheet metal systems have high emissivity ratings, which means they allow heat and solar energy to dissipate quickly. If you’re looking for new and effective ways to reduce heating and cooling costs, metal roofing may be your best bet.

For those of you who care about the environment, you should know that sheet metal panels are fabricated from recycled materials, which makes them highly appreciated by green roofing system enthusiasts. Furthermore, when the time for replacing the metal roof comes, you can opt for recycling the old panels, thus saving huge amounts of money.

But in order to get all these benefits, you need to find a reliable roofing company to install it properly. Luckily, TA Marsh Roofing is located in San Diego, CA and they specialize in sheet metal roofing installation and repair. All you need to do is call (619) 669-1600


Hire a Roofer or do the Job Yourself?

Cleaning the gutters of your home is one of the most important projects, unfortunately, it’s too often overlooked. Many homeowners wait until late into the fall season before they get the job done, however, this delay makes the task a lot harder. In this article you will find out how to properly clean your gutters. Whether you do it yourself or hire a professional roofer, it’s totally your decision.

But before we tell you how to clean your gutters, let’s first see why this job is so important. Well, the reasons are countless. For starters, clogged gutters are the main cause for icicles that hang around your home in winter or annoying waterfalls that pour off the roof in rainy days. They also burden the home’s structure with extra weight. Debris and dirt that accumulate in gutters absorb rain water and become extremely heavy. All this extra weight is putting a lot of pressure on the gutters hanging brackets, causing them to loosen or even break. When this happens, you need to hire a professional roofer to fix them, which means extra money from your pocket.

Hand taking leaves out of gutterBefore you start, make sure you have a small hand rake, a garden trowel, a container to gather the debris, gloves and a ladder. Set the ladder an arms length away from a corner downspout, take your container for debris and the garden trowel and begin your ascent. Be careful when climbing the ladder.

Once you’ve reached the top of the ladder, use the tool to pull the dirt and debris away from the downspout, being careful not to let any junk fall into the opening as it will create clogs. Never reach further than an arms length away from the ladder! Once you’re done, move the ladder and repeat the operation until you clean all gutters around your home.

There are many methods for cleaning gutters, however, the one that we’ve just mentioned is the easiest and the safest, for both you and your roof. The main advantage is that you won’t have to actually go on top of the roof, and step on shingles. They can get easily damaged, plus you can get badly injured.

As we said at the beginning, you have two options, whether to do the job yourself or hire a professional roofer. If you opt for the second one, we recommend TA Marsh Roofing. They are experts in roofing maintenance and repair. If you reside in San Diego, CA, call (619) 669-1600 and they can do the job the same day.

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How To Prepare Your Roof For The Rainy Season

When the rainy season is approaching, the primary thing to take care of is the maintenance of your roof. Your home is your castle, so make sure it is kept safe from the severe weather outside. There are plenty of local roofing contractors who can help you do all the repair work you need done, but you will save a considerable amount of time if you discover which areas of your roof need special attention in advance. Here are some basic tips which TA Marsh Roofing, of San Diego, CA, has prepared for you to make roof maintenance an easier process for your family:

  1. Eliminate the danger leaning trees pose – If there is a tree, hazardously hanging over your house, do not hesitate to get it cut or at least make sure you get the most dangerous branches trimmed.
  2. Remove all of the debris that will most probably clog your gutters – This includes leaves, sticks, fallen fruit or any other items. For this purpose, you will definitely need to contact a reputable roofer who has the proper secure equipment and the skills to perform this job.
  3. Identify any structural issues which may develop during the rainy season – dark spots on your shingles, minor cracks above your windows, moisture seeping through the ceiling, etc.
  4. Call a roofing company and book them for some waterproofing. If your budget does not allow you any major expenses you can just do it around your windows, flu, vents and other areas which were problematic in the past.

If you do any repairs make sure you hire a quality roofer, so you can get a service which will not only help your roof survive the season, but a professional who can give you a guarantee that you will not experience any problems over the next few years. Outside expertise and help is always beneficial if you are not a home building expert. Our roofing company is one of the most reputable contractors in the business, so after you diagnose the issues, you can always turn to us in order to book in some affordable and quality repairs!